Shower Valve Sticks Out Too Far

This thread discusses the issue of a shower valve being installed too far forward and the need to reposition it in order to ensure proper functioning. According to Terry Love (2014), which trim are you using, since some trim plates are thicker than others, and depending on its diameter, some manufacturers ... It is important to consider that the size and thickness of trim plates may vary between different manufacturers.

Shower Valve Sticks Out Too Far

Can the shower valve be adjusted?

If a shower valve is too far back, it can be fixed by taking measurements and adjusting the valve accordingly. According to Drop By My House (Mar 14, 2022), the process involves measuring the distance of the valve from the wall, and then adjusting the valve until it is at the proper depth. It is important to note that any work done on exposed plumbing should be done by a licensed professional.

Why is the valve sticking out?

The bathroom valve is sticking out due to incorrect placement in the wall cavity, as pointed out by Terry Love Plumbing (, n.d.). This can be difficult to fix without removing the surrounding walls or accessing from the other side. It is important to ensure correct installation of valves in order to avoid plumbing issues in the future.

How far should the valve be placed?

The ideal distance for a shower valve to be centered between studs 12 inches apart is 3.75 inches, however the gap between the handle cover and the wall plate is about 1 1/4 inch. According to Paspolini Studio, the correct type of shower handle to use for a valve that sticks out too far is a two-handle model that has a longer handle stem and a wall plate that extends further out. This model will allow for more flexibility in adjusting the handle position to ensure proper distance from the finished wall.

Why is the shower handle sticking out?

A shower handle sticking out too far can be caused by the valve being placed too far forward in the wall cavity, according to Terry Love Plumbing Advice (2008). This can be corrected by placing the valve further back in the wall cavity. Be sure to install a trim plate over the valve to ensure a safe and secure fit.

How can I fix the valve?

A person is seeking help to fix a shower valve that sticks out too far after replacing a fiberglass shower enclosure with tiled walls. According to a post on Reddit (Home Improvement, 2020), it is possible to adjust the valve by removing the trim and tightening the mounting nuts. Careful installation of the new enclosure is recommended to ensure the valve does not extend too far into the shower.

Can I fix a sticking shower handle?

If your Moen shower handle sticks out too far, you can fix the issue with some preparation work on the valve. According to Moen's blog post from Nov 4, 2022, you will need to get your Moen shower valve ready by using a plastic wrench and unscrewing the handle. It is important to note that this issue can be caused by a misaligned valve stem, so it may be necessary to readjust the position of the valve stem for optimal performance.

What is the ideal depth for bathroom valves?

The proper depth for a bathroom valve is generally around 3/4 of an inch, though 1/4 of an inch is more acceptable according to Moen. It is possible to move a valve back at this point, as suggested by Terry Love Plumbing in their discussion of shower handles sticking out too far. In addition, having a bathroom valve that is installed too deeply can cause problems such as difficulty in turning on and off the shower or bathtub.

How can I mount a shower handle?

The best way to deal with a shower valve stem that is too far recessed after tiling is to use a shower handle that can be mounted directly onto the valve. According to a DIY Stack Exchange post from 2019, this can be done by using a handle that has a threaded arm, allowing it to fit onto the exposed thread sticking out of the wall. It is important to make sure that the handle is compatible with the valve, as this will ensure a safe and secure connection.

Did the valve trim fit correctly?

A Kohler valve trim was incorrectly installed in a tiled shower, causing the mixer valves to stick out too far. This issue was discussed on Plumbing Zone in 2011, with users giving advice on how to correct the problem. Installing shower valves can be a tricky process and requires careful attention to ensure the shower is installed properly.

Can the mixing valve be moved?

The only way to fix a mixing valve that is too far forward is to open the wall and move it. According to Moen, a replacement part may be available, though it is not guaranteed (Moen, n.d.). It is important to ensure that the mixing valve body is installed correctly in order to ensure proper water flow and temperature control.

How can I fix a sticking faucet knob?

The solution to a shower faucet knob sticking out too far is to install the valve body 3/8" back from the finished wall, according to (2013). To avoid this problem in the first place, it is best to measure properly before installation and allow for a 1/8" space between the faucet knob and the wall.

How can the faucet be fixed?

A plumber has installed a single round hot and cold shower faucet that sticks out an inch or so farther than the cement board, as discussed in the post "Shower Faucet Sticks Out Almost an Inch Too Much for Tile" (DIYChatroom, 2010). This is likely due to improper installation of the faucet and can be corrected by adjusting the faucet or its surrounding materials.

Do you need a shower handle trim kit?

The Moen Universal shower handle trim kit is a great solution for those with push/pull shower valves that are too far recessed. According to DIY Stackexchange, one possible solution is to replace the valve stem with a longer one if access is available. If access is not available, the Moen Universal trim kit is the best option as it has a metal finish and can be adjusted to fit the recessed valve.

Can a shallow-depth handle fix the issue?

A solution to the problem of a Moen shower handle sticking out too far is to use a shallow-depth handle. According to cierrasmomi9 (6 years ago), a plumber recommended that they purchase a Moen brand set for the shower, but it left an inch gap from the handle to the trim. Shallow-depth handles are usually designed to fit more flush against the wall and can help reduce the amount of space needed between the handle and trim.

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